Patron Bottle Soap Dispensers

How big is the Soap Dispenser?
The soap dispenser measures 4” x 4” square and 8 1⁄2” high.

Why do you use Patron bottles?
Artisan Patron bottles are individually hand crafted in Mexico and are simply too beautiful to throw away. They are also very stable and easy to find, Patron Tequila is very popular in our town.

Will the soap damage the shells, glass and or greenery?
No, the clear soap actually enhances the look of the bottle contents. The greenery and even some of the shells will float!

What type of soap do I use?
Soap is not included with your Soap Dispenser. We recommend using a clear hand or dish soap, this allows you to view the shells and flowers inside clearly.

How do I clean my soap dispenser?
The exterior of the bottle can be cleaned with a sponge and rinsed. If you notice soap scum building on the inside of the bottle, simply wait till the bottle is empty, take out the contents, rinse then clean bottle with a bottle brush. Refill and you’re good to go!

What type of flowers do you use in your soap dispensers?
We use the prettiest faux flowers available. We do our best to make each soap dispenser unique and beautiful and will choose the best flowers available within your color choice.